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G7 Green, the largest fleet of green taxis in Europe

In 2007, G7 launched G7 Green, the first low emission taxi fleet in Europe. Today, G7 Green is consolidating its position as a leader in sustainable mobility with more than 7,500 hybrid or electric vehicles, representing more than 85% of the G7 fleet. 

​​​​​​​Next objective: 100% G7 Green saloon cars in 2027!

Every journey in a G7 Green, it's already 25% less CO2 emissions

​​​​​​​Green TaxiG7

Enjoy a wide range of silent Green vehicles

With more than 7,500 G7 Green, we offer a wide range of hybrid or electric vehicles: Toyota Camry, Lexus H models, ...

Green customer

An eco-friendly ride without extra charge

A G7 Green journey fare is the same as a classic one

Green City

Reduce your carbon footprint

You are helping to limit the greenhouse gas emissions generated by your journey

G7 Green in figures

G7 green
Europe's leading hybrid and electric fleet
creation date
More than 8,000 000
Journeys per year

More than 650 companies' G7 subscribers, have chosen to travel in priority with G7 Green vehicles

More than 120,000 trees already planted since the begining of the campaign 10 courses G7 Green, c'est un arbre pour Paris in 2019

- 25%
CO2 emissions for a hybrid
G7 Green journey
of the G7 fleet
tonnes of CO2 not emitted 
per year thanks to G7 Green

10 G7 Green taxi rides, it’s a tree planted for Paris

Since April 2019, G7 Green, in partnership with Reforest'Action, a specialist in reforestation in France and around the world, is committed with you to improve the living environment of Ile-de-France residents. For every 10 G7 Green journeys you book with the G7 app, within 3 months we will plant a tree in Paris and the Ile-de-France region.

10 G7 Green taxi rides,
It's a tree planted for the city

reforestAction Tree
G7 Electra partnership

G7 joins forces with Electra to accelerate the transition to 100% electric vehicles

With nearly 85% of its vehicles G7 Green, G7 has teamed up with Electra, the European fast-charging specialist, to accelerate its fleet's transition to 100% electric.
From now on, G7 drivers equipped with electric vehicles can recharge their batteries more easily in just 15 minutes on average, at an exclusive rate and with 24/7 accessibility, at the twenty or so stations in the Electra network, in Paris and the Ile-de-France region. This means they can take care of all kinds of errands, even the longest, with complete peace of mind.
Electra terminals are even reserved exclusively for them in certain time slots and at strategically located stations, such as those around Paris airports.

Order a G7 Green directly on your G7 app

Book your G7 Green, request it now or in advance. There is always a simple, quick and convenient way to call upon us.

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From the G7 TAXI APP

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By taking a G7 in the street or in a station

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At the following number +331.

Mentions légales

« Chaque course G7 Green c’est déjà 25% de CO2 en moins »

Source : comparateur ADEME, précisant l’écart de g CO2/km. Comparaison effectuée entre une « Berline moyenne » à motorisation hybride et une « Grande berline » à motorisation diesel.

Plus d’informations

«G7 Green, 1ère flotte électrique et hybride de France »

« Le marché de la réservation préalable est dominé par le groupe G7 qui, par l’intermédiaire de ses filiales G7 et Taxis Bleus, compte près de 10 000 taxis affiliés à Paris (soit plus de la moitié des taxis parisiens). »

Plus d’informations

D’après le tableau ci-dessous, la flotte G7 représente plus de 38% des taxis par les 5 plus grandes villes de France.

Agglomération Nombre de Taxis Source
1 Paris 17924 Préfecture de Police de Paris
2 Marseille 1 115 Ville de Marseille
3 Lyon 1002 Arrêté préfectoral du Rhône
4 Toulouse 250 Ville de Toulouse
5 Bordeaux 413 Ville de Bordeaux

Par ailleurs, la flotte G7 Green représente 3244 véhicules hybrides ou électriques en circulation à Paris, ce qui en fait la plus grande flotte électrique et hybride de France.

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