G7 12-25

Taxi at a lower price for young people? Yes, it does exist! With G7 12-25, anyone aged between 12 and 25 will benefit from an immediate 20% fare reduction 24/7 on any G7 ride. 

G7 12-25, reduced taxi fares
for the youth.

Want to go back home safely and at a cheaper price? This is now made possible by G7 12-25 ;-) 
G7 offers an exclusive service to all their 12-25 clients: 
20% off on any G7 ride, 24/7 anywhere in Ile-de-France. You can easily benefit from this offer by downloading the G7 app on iPhone or Android.​​​​​​​​​​

  1. With  G7 12-25, experience a service at very affordable prices:

    Exhausted after a long shopping afternoon or a football training? Order a G7 12-25 and go home cheaply.
    As an example: 
    - 4 teenage girls will pay 12€ to go from Opéra to Sacrécoeur after shopping 
    - 12 year old twins will pay 9€ to go home from Montparnasse to Odéon after lunch with their grandparents
    ​​​​​​​- 3 students will pay 12€ to go meet their friends at a bar in Champs Elysées from République on a Saturday night

  2. With G7 12-25, children aged below 18 can go home worries-free! 
    Children aged below 18 will be safely carried by our carefully selected professional drivers, all approved under G7’s quality charter. This innovation was designed specifically for parents who don’t have time to drive their children to their daytime activities, and will also give more freedom to young adults seeking for mobility at a lower price.

How do I book and benefit from the G7 12-25 service?

  • Download the G7 App from the store (Apple Store or Google Play)

  • Scan your identity document  and register your credit card

  • Geolocate your position and order your taxi

  • You will benefit from the G7 12-25 service and 20% off your trip.


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