Frequently asked questions

I don't understand the total amount of my ride. Can you explain it to me?

Taxi fares are regulated. The amount of your trip is composed of several elements:

  • the approach fee (Parisian taxi zone : 4€ for an immediate booking) / 7€ for a booking in advance in the Parisian taxi zone - at the taxi meter outside the Parisian taxi zone), which is added to the journey fee as follows
  • the amount of your boarding fee : 2,60€.
  • possible waiting (if you do not take a seat in your taxi on arrival for an immediate request, or at the time scheduled for your reservation in advance)
  • the amount of the counter horokilometric (combining time and mileage of the trip), with a minimum fare of €7.30
  • possible supplements (4€ from the 5th passenger onwards)

To find out more about Parisian taxi fares, click here

In addition to the amount of your trip, the price of the option can be added if you order a specific taxi (level of service available on customer's option when ordering: G7 Van, G7 VIP, G7 Van VIP, G7 Famille (option van)), G7 Vélo, G7 Zen.

You will find more information on paid options in this FAQ (My Bill section)

Why has 4€ or 7€ been added to the amount of my ride ?

If you book a taxi right away, the approach fee is 4€. If you request a taxi in advance, the approach fee is 7€. 

At the end of your journey, this flat rate is added to the calculation of the amount of your journey displayed on the meter. 

These regulated approach fees are applicable in the Paris taxi zone (Paris and the inner suburbs) in accordance with the current prefectural rates. To find out more about the Parisian taxi zone and Parisian taxi fares, click here.


Why don't the 4€ / 7€ flat rates apply in the greater suburbs ?

Beyond the Paris taxi zone, i.e. outside Paris and its inner suburbs, the approach packages (€4 and €7) do not apply. Drivers are obliged to turn on their meter when they are assigned a ride and leave to pick you up. The amount displayed on the meter thus reflects the time and distance travelled to your departure address. 

With almost 10,000 geolocalised taxis permanently in the Ile de France region, G7 does everything possible to allocate you the taxis closest to your departure address.

To find out more about Parisian taxi fares in the greater suburbs, click here (section at the bottom of the page Estimated average price in the outer and inner suburbs)

Why did the taxi meter already show a certain amount when I boarded ?

If you do not get into the taxi immediately when you receive the information of its arrival (in immediate request) or at the scheduled time of your reservation in advance, one of the regulated additional waiting fees will be charged (approximately 0.60€/mn) until you get into the taxi, as provided for by the regulations in effect. 

To find out more about Parisian taxi fares, click here.

I took my taxi to or from the airport and the driver did not apply the Airport flat rate fares. Why didn't the driver apply the airport rate ?

The airport flat rate only applies to trips between Paris and airports and vice versa. Trips to or from the suburbs do not give the right to this régulated flat rate as well as trips Paris - Airports / Airports - Paris including one or more stops.

I took a direct trip from Paris to the airport and I paid more than the advertised flat rates. Is this normal ?

In addition to the airport flat rate, you should add the regulated approach flat rate (4€ for immediate request, 7€ for advance request) and the possible waiting time of the customer by the driver at the departure address. To find out more about Parisian taxi fares, click here.

I cannot book a standard taxi on the application. I am offered the G7 Zen option. What is it ?

This option allows you to get a comfortable saloon car in case of heavy traffic. This €6 service is only available when all the standard taxis in the vicinity are occupied, and gives you access to our dedicated fleet of priority taxis. Thus, thanks to an extended search, G7 Zen allows you to travel at any time, including in case of high demand (bad weather, peak hours, holiday departures, events, etc.).
The pricing elements are specified in the application at the time of the order (option +6€, amount included in the total price if the destination address is given).

What does the D fare applied by some drivers mean?

When you order a taxi from the departments of Seine-et-Marne (77), Yvelines (78) and Val d'Oise (95), so-called "Grande Banlieue" drivers are likely to carry out your journey. These drivers must then apply the local regulatory tariffs in force. Rate D is a local rate applicable for night-time journeys (from 7pm to 8am) or journeys made on Sundays and public holidays.

After having entered my credit card in the app / on the web site, I see a debit of 1€ (imprint). What is it ?

To secure the registration of your credit card on the G7 app or on, an imprint of 1€ is made. This is not a real debit but a pre-authorized payment, as this amount is not debited. However, some banks will show this print as a debit on your account statement. In this case, it will be automatically lifted once the security checks have been carried out by your bank, the time frame varying according to the bank providing your payment card.

After I have validated my booking in the app / on the web, I see a debit of 25,50,€75 (imprint). What is it ?

In order to secure payment, we make a (25,50,€75) imprint with each booking made on the G7 app or on, depending on your journey. This is not an actual debit, but a pre-authorised payment, the amount being temporarily debited and then returned when the actual payment for the trip is made. However, some banks show this debit imprint on your account statement. In this case, it will be automatically lifted once the security checks have been carried out by your bank, the time period varying according to the bank issuing your payment card.

How long will it take for the bank prints to disappear ?

Depending on the banks (traditional, online, foreign), the type of bank cards (debit, deferred debit, credit) and the banks' security policy, the lifting of this fingerprint can vary from several days to several weeks. If necessary, we invite you to contact your bank.

I cannot validate my booking. I am asked to authenticate my transaction. What does this mean?

This authentication step is required by certain banks in the context of the European regulations that recently came into force (DSP2 Directive) and is intended to secure bank transactions. When your order is validated, an authorisation request is made to your bank.  A screen intended to authenticate the transaction may be displayed for verification purposes.

It is then imperative that you identify yourself so that your bank can validate the transaction and your order can be finalised. This can be a password, a PIN code, a code received by SMS, a validation directly in your bank's application... 
To facilitate your future orders, we recommend that you check your bank's authentication system. 

How do I know how much my ride will cost ?

You can proceed to the estimation of the cost of your trip in the application or on

You can estimate the price and duration of your journey in the application or on

- In the application: enter your journey details (departure and destination addresses). The estimated duration of the journey appears automatically in the form of a black band. 
To find out the estimated price of your journey, simply select the departure date and time and the level of service (G7, G7 Green, G7 Van, G7 VIP, G7 Van VIP, G7 Family, G7 Coffre+, G7 Access, G7 Vélo, G7 Zen). The estimated cost of your journey is displayed to the right of the "TOTAL ESTIMATED PRICE". By selecting the icon (i) next to the words "ESTIMATED TOTAL PRICE", you can access the details of the estimated amount of your journey.

- On : enter the details of your journey (date, time, departure and destination addresses) and then click on the black rectangle "Make an estimate". The estimated duration and price of your journey will automatically appear. Details of this estimate are given in the next screen "More info".

The estimated price and duration of your journey is based on normal traffic conditions and is provided by G7 as an indication. It has no contractual value, as the price of a taxi journey can only be determined at the end of the journey, according to the time taken and the distance covered on the basis of the hourly rate in accordance with the applicable prefectural regulations.

Is the amount of the run given by the estimator guaranteed ?

The estimated price amount and duration of your trip is based on normal traffic conditions and is provided by G7 as an indication. It has no contractual value, as the price of a taxi journey can only be determined at the end of the journey, according to the journey time and the distance covered on the basis of the horokilometric rate in accordance with the applicable prefectural regulations.

These estimates, drawn up for normal traffic conditions, do not take into account any contingencies that may delay the arrival of the taxi at your pick-up address and/or increase the journey time. This is why we recommend that you allow a sufficient margin of precaution, particularly when travelling to stations and airports.

How do I pay my ride ?

Payment methods with the G7 app

  • You can pay for your booking by credit card. This method of payment is possible on or on the G7 Taxi application on your smartphone (iPhone or Android). By registering your credit card, you no longer have to pay the driver directly. At the end of your journey, the amount will be debited from your credit card and you will receive an email with a summary of your journey. Your invoice can be downloaded from your customer account for 1 year from the date of the journey.
  • With G7 Connect, you can also pick up a G7 on the street or at the station and pay for your journey using the "G7 Taxi" app (exclusively). More information about G7 Connect

Payment methods on board

  • You can also pay your fare on board by credit card (all taxis G7s are equipped with a banking terminal) or in cash.
  • If you wish to pay by bank cheque, it is imperative that you call our platform 36 07 (0.45€/mn + price of the call) and specify this specificity when ordering, in order to inform your driver.  

Can the driver refuse payment by credit card ?

In accordance with the applicable regulations, all G7 drivers have a bank terminal and must accept this method of payment, whatever the amount of the trip.

How do I tip, change or delete a tip ?

You can change the amount of the tip you initially set at any time in the "Payment / Tip" menu of the G7 Taxi app. Then select the choice Tipping the driver and indicate the desired amount (between 1€ and 20€). 

To remove the tip, you just have to set this amount to 0€

How do I get my bill ?

You paid directly for your ride in the taxi... 

In the case of payment on board, independently of the method of payment used (payment in cash or payment by credit card via the driver's payment terminal), only the driver, as a self-employed person, is authorised to give you an invoice at the end of the race in accordance with the regulations. We are not in a position to provide an invoice after the journey has been completed. Do not hesitate to ask the driver for an invoice at the end of your trip. 

You have paid for the journey using the G7 Taxi or website.

If you choose this method of payment via your credit card, your invoice is available on All you need to do is login on by entering your username (the e-mail address you used to create your account), your password and select the invoices concerned from your in your booking history.. 

Your invoice can be downloaded 1 year from the date of your booking.

How can I access the invoices of my previous bookings ?

If you have paid your previous bookings with the G7 Taxi application or on (with payment by credit card), your invoices are available on during 1 year. All you need to do is enter your login (your email address used to create your account), your password, and select the invoices concerned in your bookings history (access to your booking history by clicking here)

On the other hand, if you have made payments on board the taxis previously ordered, we are not able to issue these invoices a posteriori (payment in cash or by credit card via the driver's payment terminal), as the drivers, as self-employed workers, are the only ones entitled to give you the corresponding invoice at the end of each journey completed. 

I got a bill when I didn't take the taxi I booked. Why didn't you take it?

If you do not take your taxi, you will be charged for the journey made by the driver in two cases :

  • late cancellation (cancellation of an immediate order by the customer more than 4 minutes after it has been validated or cancellation of an order in advance less than one hour before the scheduled pick-up time)
  • the "non-load" (observation that the customer has not been presented by the driver when he arrives at the address where the order was placed).

The amount of this invoice varies according to the case :

  • In the Parisian taxi zone (Paris and the inner suburbs): 7.30€ (late cancellation corresponding to the minimum amount of a journey according to the tariffs in force), 9€ (no-charge for an immediate request), 12€ (no-charge for a request in advance) 
  • Beyond this zone (greater suburbs), which is subject to a different pricing system, a late cancellation will result in the invoicing of a variable amount reflecting the price displayed on the meter at the time of cancellation.

Furthermore, if you have selected a paying option (service level "G7 Van", "G7 Van VIP", "G7 VIP", "G7 Family" (van option) or "G7 Bicycle", "G7 Zen") at the time of ordering, you will be charged for it in case of late cancellation.

I need to retrieve the history of all my bills. Are they archived ?

All your invoices for your trips booked and paid for from the G7 taxi or application are archived on your account in your booking history

Click on the following topics:

  • Log in
  • Browse your account
  • Bookings 
  • Booking history 

A filter then allows you to select the desired period. Your invoices are downloadable 1 year from the date of the journey.

Can you modify the elements of my invoice (name, address ...)?

No, because the mentions on your booking invoice must be strictly in accordance with the information filled in when creating the account. 

If you wish to make bookings for professional use, on behalf of a company, our sales department is at your disposal to give you details of the subscription packages reserved for companies. Do not hesitate to send your requests to [email protected].

I got a credit note. What does it correspond to ?

As soon as the amount of your trip is settled, you will receive an accounting document corresponding to this operation called a "credit note". This document, called a "credit note", certifies the corresponding credit made to your account in your favour. It is not a voucher to be used for a future trip.

I was billed for a paid option. What's this about?

The chargeable option corresponds to a specific level of service, available at the customer's option. It is applied if you order a taxi with one of the following optional service levels:

  • G7 Van (5, 6 or 7-seater van) : 6€ whatever time
  • G7 Van VIP (5, 6 or 7-seater top-of-the-range van) : 10€
  • G7 Famille (van option [van equipped with baby seat and reholster] - 5, 6 or 7 seats): 6€
  • G7 VIP (high-end vehicles)  : 10€
  • G7 Vélo (vehicles equipped with bicycle racks) : 6€
  • G7 Zen (access to priority booking in case of unavailability) : 6€

The amount of the option is debited from your credit card entered in the application. 

At the end of your trip booked and paid for from the G7 Taxi application and/or on the website, you will receive an invoice on which, , in addition to the price of the journey, the invoicing for this option will appear separately. 

If you pay for this option on 36 07 (€0.45/mn + price of the call), you will receive a link by sms allowing you to download the specific invoice for the option. Your invoice can be downloaded 1 year after the date of the journey.

In the event of a late cancellation of the journey (see FAQ under the heading "My Invoice" - sub-heading "I have an invoice even though I did not take the taxi I ordered. Why should I do this? Is cancelling a journey free of charge?"), the journey made by the taxi up to the time of cancellation (meter amount) as well as the price of the option selected by the customer shall be payable.

How do I book a G7 ?

You can whatever your request is via :

  • the G7 smartphone app
  • our website
  • our Customer Care Centre on + 33 891 70 10 10 (€ 0.45 per min + price of the call) 

To learn more about the different ways you can book a G7 taxi, click here

How do I book a taxi in advance from train stations and airports ?

G7 has set up a specific service for bookings from railway stations and airports. 

On the G7 Taxi application or on, by selecting this type of departure address, you can access our dedicated service: G7 Booking.   

To finalize your booking, fill in the requested information and pay online by credit card. Our service is accessible with or without creating a customer account.

Even more details on G7 Booking

How to book a taxi in the provinces ?

Taxi booking from the G7 Taxi application and (for private individuals) is available in Ile de France only. However, by contacting our platform on 36 07 (0.45€/mn + call price), all our individual customers have access to many cities in France via our national network of partners. 

Our professional customers who take out specific subscription packages have access to our entire national network of partners outside the Ile de France (more than 4,500 taxis in over 190 French cities. For more informations click here)

How do I validate and pay for my ride with G7 Connect ?

With G7 Connect, you can take a G7 taxi on the street or at a station and pay for the ride with the app. 

How do I do it? 

  • Once you're in the taxi, launch the G7 app, log in to your G7 account and click on the G7 Connect button on the home page.
  • if this is not automatically entered on your app via Bluetooth, enter the 4- or 5-digit driver code (displayed on the rear window of the vehicle) or simply ask your driver
  • When the connection is made, your trip is now connected to your app.
  • At your destination, your driver will give you a statement of the amount of your trip and you don't have to pay anything on board. The fare is deducted directly from your credit card. 

For more information on G7 Connect, a 100% connected and innovative service

How to choose a specific taxi (Third Party Fee, G7 Green, G7 Van, G7 Famille, G7 VIP, G7 Van VIP, G7 Vélo) ?

With G7, you have access to a wide range of personalised services (taxis with third-party payment agreements, G7 Green hybrid or electric vehicles, G7 Family equipped with a baby seat and booster seats, etc.) or vehicles adapted to your needs, available on option (G7 Van which can accommodate up to 7 passengers, G7 VIP, G7 Van VIP, G7 Vélo,... - price of the option in the online price list...). 

On the G7 app, the selection of the vehicle adapted to your needs is made after having entered and validated the data of your journey: address of departure and destination + date and time of departure.

Then click on one of the 9 G7 service levels: (G7, G7 Green, G7 Van, G7 VIP, G7 Van VIP, G7 Famille, G7 Coffre+, G7 Access, G7 Vélo). 
In the case of chargeable service levels (G7 Van, G7 VIP, G7 Van VIP, G7 Family (van), G7 Vélo), the price of the desired service is displayed by clicking on the logo in the shape of a taxi. The amount is then displayed in the "Service price" line

Depending on the type of G7 service level selected, various options are then proposed (low floor, English-speaking driver, animal accepted, third-party payment, etc.).
These choices are also available on and on 36 07 (0,45€/mn + call cost).

Even more info on our services.

Do you have taxis with baby seats ?

You can get taxis with baby seats by selecting the G7 Family level of service. Selecting a standard G7 Family vehicle (seating up to 4 passengers) is a free option. However, choosing a G7 Family van (seating up to 7 passengers) is a chargeable option (€6). G7 Family taxis are equipped with a baby seat and/or booster seats. Several choices are available. The baby seats are suitable for toddlers up to 3 years old and the booster seats are "Group 2-3" approved, corresponding to children weighing between 15 and 36 kg.

How do I benefit from a Third-Party Paid Trip ?

To book a Third Party Paid trip, i.e. a trip that may be partially or fully covered by Health Insurance for medically prescribed transport, all you need to do is :

  • imperatively specify the Third Party Payment option when booking (3607,, apps)
  • At the start of the trip, present to the CPAM-approved driver at the start of the trip, your medical transport prescription completed and signed by the prescribing doctor, your current and valid certificate of entitlement (Social Security), less than 6 months old, and your "carte vitale" (health insurance card).

Approximately 750 drivers affiliated to our company are authorised by the Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie to carry out this medicalised transport.

More informations on G7 taxis under aggrements

I have an electric/manual wheelchair to carry. Do you have adapted taxis ?

Since 2004, G7 has been fully committed to supporting people with disabilities in order to offer everyone access to taxi transport. This service, called G7 Access, provides all passengers with reduced mobility with 200 specially equipped vehicles with an access ramp.

This exclusive service is available at any time on the dedicated priority line: 01 47 39 00 91, for any address in Ile de France, as well as on the G7 applications and on the website. In addition, we provide more than 900 low-floor estate vehicles for people with reduced mobility who are transferable or do not require transport in a taxi specially equipped with an access ramp. 

More info on G7 Access

How do I book a taxi with one or more bikes ?

The G7 Vélo service allows you to order a taxi equipped with a bicycle rack. Accessible on the G7 Taxi application, this service is available for a fee (€4) and can only be requested in advance. This optional service allows you to book a taxi that can carry up to 3 bikes. This service is compatible with conventional bicycles. Compatibility with electric bikes is not guaranteed.

Do drivers accept to transport pets ?

You can travel with your pet. It is necessary to inform this particularity at the time of your booking:

  • on the application, after having entered the number of passengers, your departure address, the dates and times of your order and the level of service. Depending on the level of service, several options are proposed to you. Simply select the "Pet on board" option. 
  • On, you can order this type of taxi by making sure you select the "Pet on board" option in the "Options" section
  • on 36 07 (0.45€/mn + cost of the call), it is imperative to specify this choice to our telephone advisors.

Are drivers required to accept guide dogs ?

By law, all drivers must accept guide dogs accompanying visually impaired passengers. Through targeted communication and training, G7 regularly raises awareness of this issue among all its affiliated drivers.

Geolocation tells me a wrong address. How can I change the address ?

Geolocation depends on several factors beyond our control (telephone, connectivity ...). It can therefore be imprecise. 

Before validating your booking, it is imperative to check that the proposed departure address corresponds to your request.  

If this is not the case, you can modify the information proposed in the address field. 

You can also order your taxi on 36 07 (0.45€/mn).

Why do I have to enter my credit card in the application ?

In general, G7 gives you the choice of paying for your journey from the application (credit card debit that you have registered) or directly to the driver. 

In certain specific cases (order from an address in the greater suburbs, reservations (order in advance), choice of a paid service level (G7 Van, G7 VIP, G7 Van VIP, G7 Family (van), G7 Vélo), several journeys ordered by the customer and not carried out by the latter), payment by credit card from the application or the website is required. 

You can remove your credit card from the application and website at any time. 

You can also order your taxi by calling 36 07 (0.45€/mn + call cost).

How do I use my advantage code ?

This promotional code called "advantage code" can only be used for an order registered with a credit card payment made from the G7 Taxi application or 

In the application G7 Taxi (red G7 logo on white background), after having validated your departure and destination address as well as the desired time, select in the payment section, CB via the application, then advantage code. Then simply enter your advantage code in the dedicated field.

On, when validating your order, you can enter your advantage code in the dedicated field in the section entitled "Payment method" for the journey.

If your advantage code does not work, we invite you to carry out the following checks: check the validity date and the conditions of use, enter the code manually (not copy and paste), respecting the characters (capitals, numbers). If the code is still invalid after these checks,

you can contact Customer Service.

Has my booking been taken into account? Will I receive a confirmation email ?

For your advance bookings registered from the application or, you will receive an email confirming the registration of this request. Remember to check your spam box if you have not received an email in your inbox. 

If you have validated your booking from the G7 app, or website, you can check the registration of your orders at any time in the current bookings section.

My booking in advance has been recorded. Is this a guaranteed reservation ?

Registering your booking in advance means that your taxi request will be taken into account. However, it is not the reservation of an identified taxi. Our platform will search for your taxi 15 to 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time depending on your pick-up address, the characteristics of the taxi requested and the expected traffic conditions.  

Exceptionally, unforeseen events outside our organisation (bad weather, strikes, demonstrations, departures on holiday with heavy traffic, etc.) may affect the availability of G7 taxis. In this case, our platform reserves the right to contact you before the scheduled departure time to inform you of the progress of the search and to take your instructions in order to continue the search for a taxi.

For major journeys and/or to stations and airports, it is your responsibility to take sufficient precautions to avoid any traffic hazards. We recommend that you take a minimum precautionary margin of 30 minutes to train stations and 45 minutes to airports in normal traffic conditions. In all cases, allow a sufficient margin of safety.

If no taxi has arrived after the scheduled pick-up time, check that you have given the correct pick-up address. If not, call our reservation platform (or take advantage of the possibility to call the driver directly if you have downloaded the application) which will give you all the information you need.

I don't come on time and my driver is waiting for me at my address. How long can the driver wait for me ?

If you do not get into the taxi within the required time after its arrival (immediate request) or after the scheduled time of the appointment (request in advance), the driver will note your absence, stop his meter and issue a bill (non-charge) which you must pay.
For taxi orders (excluding paying options), the driver's wait on site is limited to 5 minutes. For taxi orders (with paid options), it is 10 minutes. 
For journeys ordered without paying options in the Paris taxi zone (Paris and the inner suburbs), the no-charge bill is subject to a flat rate: €9 for immediate requests and €12 for requests made in advance.
Outside the Parisian taxi zone and for journeys ordered with paying options, the amount shown on the meter is invoiced to you in accordance with the rates in force.

How can I change/cancel a booking ?

  • If you placed your booking on the applications or the website, you can change or cancel your booking on either of these channels. (click here to access your current bookings list)
  • If you placed your order by phone, you can change or cancel your order through the same channel.

If your cancellation occurs while your driver is already on the way, you will be charged for this trip. The conditions for cancelling journeys (Advance bookings and Immediate bookings) are detailed in the "My Invoice" section - under the heading "I have received an invoice even though I did not take the taxi I ordered. Why did I not take the taxi I ordered? Is cancelling a journey free of charge? »

Respect and safety on board

Respect and safety of our passengers and affiliated drivers are our priority at G7, and we do everything in our power to ensure this on a daily basis. We do not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour on board (aggressive, insulting, dangerous, inappropriate or intrusive behaviour, discriminatory language, etc.), and we have long taken measures in terms of quality monitoring to combat such behaviour.

G7 quality monitoring
Taxi drivers are subject to a stringent entrance examination, a criminal record check and ongoing training throughout their career. At G7, we select our drivers on the basis of an additional examination at the time of joining and have implemented a quality policy aimed at excellence:
- Adherence to a quality charter by all G7 affiliated drivers
- Personalized monitoring and daily awareness-raising of drivers by our teams to ensure scrupulous compliance with this charter via interviews, training sessions and regular practice
- Annual certification of our quality policy by Bureau Veritas for over 20 years (ISO 9001 standard)

How to report an incident?
If you experience inappropriate behaviour on board a G7, you can report it:
- By dialling +331. (local charge)

- Or by email via the contact form available on

Your report will be processed as soon as possible. An internal investigation will be carried out by our teams and, depending on the seriousness of the facts, may lead to the exclusion of G7 affiliated drivers from the fleet.

Lost and Founds

If you think you have lost an item in a G7 booked from the application, you can : 

  • contact the driver directly by clicking on "call the driver" (function available up to 6 hours after the trip) 
  • send an email from the application by clicking on "lost object".

These two choices are materialized by two distinct pictograms located at the bottom of your order, in the "My history" section.

In all cases, you can send an email from via the Contact section (select "Private individuals", then "An object left behind in a G7")

For any identified G7 taxi (registration number or 4- or 5-digit driver code displayed on the rear window of the vehicle), you can contact, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our dedicated telephone service on 01 41 27 55 63.

How do I contact the G7 platform ?

For any information, you can contact our platform at 36 07 (0,45€/mn + call price). 

If you want to follow the progress of an booking order already placed, just press the 3 key. 

You can also ask your questions via our contact form

How do I contact my driver ?

From the application, you have to select the concerned trip and click on the button "call your driver". This call to the driver will allow you to give details of your position to facilitate your handling.

The driver will never see your phone number, we guarantee the protection of your personal data. You can also contact your driver up to 6 hours after the end of your trip, if you forgot an object.

I received a direct call from the driver and not from your booking platform. Is this normal ? Does the driver have my phone number ?

In order to improve your experience by reporting a parking problem, G7 drivers can now contact you by phone. This feature is only possible during the course of your journey. The driver makes this call from a secure interface that does not allow him to have access to your phone number.

Where can I find my driver in train stations and airports ?

When you validate your booking from train stations and airports, you can, in some cases, choose an indoor or outdoor meeting point. When waiting at the head of the train or at the exit of the flight is possible, it is necessary to specify your train / flight number and its origin. 

If you do not see your driver, you can contact him directly at any time via your application, or contact our platform.

The driver took a route that doesn't suit me. Do I have the right to tell him my route ?

Yes, if you want a particular itinerary, you can indicate it to the driver, who must respect it. 

If you have not indicated your itinerary, the driver must take the itinerary that seems best suited to reach the address indicated according to the traffic conditions and possible hazards encountered on the route.

How do I rate my ride ?

From your application, under My booking history, select the trip to be evaluated, click on Evaluate trip at the bottom right of the screen.  Please note that you can only evaluate a race within 7 days. If your overall rating is below 5 stars, you will be asked to specify your rating in 3 areas (order, vehicle and driver).

How do I deactivate the evaluation of my rides ?

When you log into the application again and receive the evaluation message of your previous ride, you can select the choice "never offer me again".

This choice will then be confirmed and you will no longer receive an evaluation proposal for the account concerned.

You will still be able to evaluate your trips within 7 days by going manually to your order history.

How to access the "G7, the sound of the city" playlists?

Immerse yourself in the G7 musical universe thanks to the "G7, the sound of the city" programme developed in partnership with Radio Nova. Three musical atmospheres are proposed to you: 

  • Chill (a relaxing soundtrack for a gentle and soothing experience)
  • Move (rhythmic tracks)
  • Moonlight (electronic sounds)

To access these playlists, which are renewed each month, simply scan the QR code on the "G7, the sound of the city" sticker on the back of the front passenger seat of your taxi with your smartphone. You can also search for "G7 Taxi" your favourite platform to listen to the playlists (Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music). You can access G7 playlists directly by typing 'G7 Taxi' on these music platforms.

How do I download the application and create an account ?

The G7 Taxi application (red G7 logo on white background) is available for download on Apple and Google Play platforms. 

  • You can access it directly if you view this page from your smartphone by clicking here, or find it on the stores :


  • Then just click on Register and follow the instructions. You can also create an account directly on (by clicking here), it will be available on the application..

There are several G7 applications in applications stores. Which one should I download ?

If you do not have a priority subscription contract with our sales department, you must download the G7 Taxi application reserved for private customers. It is recognizable by its red logo on a white background. 

The other application G7 Subscriber (white logo on a red background) is exclusively reserved for professional customers (companies) who have subscribed to a priority subscription.

I can't connect. why can't you?

You must make sure that the email address you entered when creating your account is correct and that your password is valid. 


Your account may be blocked for several reasons: 

  • account already created with the same login (email or phone already used to create a G7 account)
  • suspicion of stolen credit card
  • use of a false e-mail address.

Blocking can also occur after several unsuccessful login attempts. In this case, try a 4G connection if you are using WIFI or vice versa.

If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service on the contact form (Private individuals section).

I am asked to fill in identifiers ("Access Code" and "Confidential Code") that I do not have. What should i do ?

This means that you have downloaded the G7 Account application reserved for professional subscribers instead of downloading the application dedicated to private individuals.

To create a private account, you need to download the G7 Taxi application (red G7 logo on white background).

I can't retrieve my password. How do I do it ?

You can reset your password by clicking here.

How do I correct, change my email address ?

If you entered an incorrect email address when you created your account and wish to correct it, it is necessary to : 

  • connect with this wrong e-mail address and enter your password. 
  • then select the my profile section or click here
  • correct your email address by clicking on update and save

I have received a security alert sms / email informing me of change(s) made to my account. What should I do?

If you have received a sms or an email from us, it means that your account has been modified from the email and/or phone number you originally provided. This message is intended to alert you and to ensure that you are at the origin of this modification. If this is not the case, it is imperative that you inform us by replying immediatly to the alert message you received.

Why doesn't geolocation work on the app ?

You must check in the settings / parameters of your smartphone that geolocation is activated and authorised for the G7 application. 

If geolocation is not activated, a message will inform you of this. 

We also recommend that you regularly update the application to ensure that it is used optimally.

How do I enter, modify or delete my credit card ?

You can enter, modify or delete your credit card on or in the G7 application at any time. 

How do I do this? 

  • In the G7 Taxi application :
    • Log in to your account
    • On the home page, top left, click on the 3 horizontal bars
    • Then select "payment / tip".
  • On :
    • Click here (and log in, if you are not logged in)

You can then delete, fill in or change your credit card. 

To secure your credit card registration, a 1 euro imprint will be made. This is not a real debit but a pre-authorised payment, as this amount is not debited. More information in the Payment / Race amount section.

Which credit cards are accepted in the application ?

Visa, Mastercard and Amex credit cards are accepted in the application. These bank cards must be equipped with the online payment security system 3 D Secure or SK.

Is it possible to register 2 credit cards in the application or ?

The G7 Taxi application and the website do not allow the registration of 2 bank cards for the same account. 

If you wish to make bookings for professional use, our sales department is at your disposal to introduce you to our wide range of subscription packages for the payment of your trips : [email protected].

How do I save my favourite addresses ?

On the home page of the G7 Taxi application: 

  • click on the 3 horizontal bars at the top left of the screen
  • select the "My Favorites Addresses" tab 
  • then "add a new favorite address"

On :

Click here to access to your addresses

It is possible to save multiple favorite addresses. You can also set a home address and a work address.

How do I close my account ?

You can request the closure of your account at any time via the contact form (select the Private individual section, then Your account). 

Our services will then close your account and inform you of this action by email.

Is a health pass required for passengers in taxis?

A health pass is not compulsory for passengers in taxis. Wearing a mask remains mandatory. It is also necessary to observe the other barrier measures.

More information on the health precautions to be observed by passengers: What health precautions should customers follow on board G7 taxis to limit the spread of the virus?

Do drivers have to get vaccinated?

In general, vaccination is recommended but not obligatory for all Parisian taxi drivers. However, drivers who have an agreement must be vaccinated (medical transport approved by the health insurance funds).

What health precautions should customers follow on board G7 taxis to limit the spread of the virus ?

We have developed a strict health protocol with the support of Bureau Veritas, the world leader in certification. This demanding charter goes beyond the recommendations of health authorities to ensure the safety and health of all.

In addition to the barrier gestures recommended by the State, we ask our passenger clients to respect the following instructions:

  • Wash your hands before and after entering the vehicle.
  • Avoid contact with the driver and keep a distance of one metre from the driver during an exchange.
  • Use the credit card payment method registered into the G7 Taxi application (choose credit card payment when ordering) or activate payment in G7 Connect for G7 taxi taken directly from the street.
  • Take your rubbish out of the taxi

More information on barrier gestures:

What health precautions should G7 drivers follow to limit the spread of the virus ?

All G7 drivers are trained and made aware of our health protocol developed in collaboration with Bureau Veritas, the world leader in certification. They are committed to respecting the G7 Health Charter, which goes beyond the recommendations of health authorities and offers the best safety standards on the market. 

In addition to the barrier gestures recommended by the State, we ask our affiliated drivers clients to comply with the following instructions:

  • Avoid physical contact and keep a distance of one metre from each other when exchanging.
  • Constantly ventilate the passenger compartment (air-conditioning, etc.).
  • Disinfect the passenger contact areas (door handles, electric window knobs, seat belts, passenger seats, credit card terminal, etc.) between each race.
  • Clean the bank card terminal after each use (except for contactless payment).
  • Thoroughly disinfect the interior of the vehicle once a day (use of disinfectant with surfactant, cleaning of fabrics and carpets with a vacuum cleaner with HEPA high efficiency particulate filter). 
  • Asking customers to take their garbage with them when they leave the vehicle 

More information on barrier gestures:

In addition to these measures, does G7 offer other services to ensure safety on board taxis ?

A taxi equipped with a partition wall between the passenger and the driver (Partition wall option) can be ordered by telephone and on digital channels (, app). More than 5000 drivers have this equipment. 

Hydroalcoholic gel is available to passengers.

Are multi-passenger trips still possible ?

It is possible to travel with more than one passenger in the taxi. Restrictions on passengers occupying the front seat next to the driver were removed on 30 June.

The driver refused to pick me up because I had flu-like symptoms or because I didn't have a mask. Does he have the right to do that ?

As part of the enhanced health measures, the driver is allowed to refuse access to his vehicle to persons with symptoms of Covid-19 infection (cough, fever). It is strongly recommended that people with these symptoms use a medical transport service.

How to become a G7 driver ?

You can apply to our services by filling out the registration form.

How do I contact G7 Services ?

Depending on your requests, our customer service or sales department will provide you with an answer as soon as possible. You can contact us via the contact form (Private individuals Section).


You are a journalist and would like to contact us?  Click here and select the Journalist section


After sending a complaint by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt to G7 Customer Service and failing an amicable agreement relating to a consumer dispute concerning the taxi search service, you may refer the Association of European Mediators (“Association des Médiateurs Européens”), entity AME Conso, either by post either by post to AME Conso – 11 place Dauphine – 75001 PARIS, or by completing the on-line form at https:/, accompanied by documents supporting your request.

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