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How can I book a G7 taxi?

You can request to be picked up from any address in the Ile-de-France region, whatever your destination, via:

  • our website
  • the G7 smartphone app
  • our Customer Care Centre on + 33 891 70 10 10 (€ 0.45 per min)


To learn more about the different ways you can book a G7 taxi

How can I find out the expected cost and duration of my taxi journey?

You can estimate your journey on our website as part of the check out process, or by calling + 33 891 70 10 10 (€ 0.45 per min) 

The given estimates are purely indicative, but they will give you a good idea of ​​the time at which you will need to request your taxi. Being calculated on the basis of normal traffic conditions, these estimates do not take into account traffic jams or other unforeseen events (strikes, demonstrations, adverse weather conditions, etc.) which could delay the arrival of the taxi at your pick-up address and increase your journey time. We strongly recommend that you always allow extra time for your journey. For any booking to a train station or an airport, we recommend that you add an extra 30 or 45 minutes respectively to the estimated journey time.

How can I pay for my journey in advance?

You can pre-pay for your journey by downloading the G7 app or on our website Simply enter your credit card details. At the end of your journey, we shall withdraw your fare directly from your bank account and send you your invoice.

Can I book a station or airport pickup in advance?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any advance bookings for station and airport pickups. It is particularly difficult for taxi drivers to pick up booked passengers in these locations, given the number of people rushing to find a taxi. But you can contact us as soon as you arrive at a station or airport.

Can a pregnant woman in labour ride in a taxi?

If you request a taxi via the G7 app, we recommend that you explain your situation in the section "Comments for the driver". If you book over the phone (3607), please notify our telephone advisor. Our Customer Care Centre will search for a taxi driver who will agree to transport you in full knowledge of your situation. If your journey is sufficiently urgent, we advise you to contact an ambulance service.

Has my booking been taken into account? (confirmation of a registered booking)

If you requested an immediate pickup via the G7 app or on our website you can check this information in your account in the section "My current bookings".

For advance bookings, you will receive a confirmation email.

For bookings made over the phone, you can contact our Customer Care Centre on 3607 or on + 33 891 70 10 10 (€ 0.45 per min). Then press 3 to talk to a telephone advisor who will check that your booking has been properly registered.

How can I change/cancel a booking?  You can modify a booking at any time.

If you made your booking via the G7 app or on our website, go to the "My current bookings" section in your account. Then select the booking that you want to change/cancel.
If you cancel a journey when your taxi is already on its way to pick you up, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

If you booked a taxi over the phone, you can contact our Customer Care Centre on 3607 or on + 33 891 70 10 10 (€ 0.45 per min). Then press 3 to talk to a telephone advisor who will update/cancel your booking.

Is it normal for the meter to display an amount as soon as my journey begins? (Minimum pickup fare)

Yes. This is the minimum pickup fare. As soon as you step into a taxi, the driver switches the meter on. The meter at once automatically displays the regulatory pickup fare.

There is an amount displayed on the meter as soon as I step into the taxi, is that normal?

It is what is known as the approach fare. When you book a G7 taxi, our services look for the nearest available taxi to your address. When a driver accepts your hiring, he switches on his meter, as required by regulation. 

The approach fare is € 4 for immediate requests and € 7 for advance bookings (excluding any extra charges) in Paris and the inner suburbs.

Is it normal for the meter to be running if the taxi arrives early?

When you book a taxi in advance, your request is registered immediately. However, the actual search for the nearest available taxi begins between about 15 and 45 minutes before the scheduled appointment, depending on traffic conditions and the area in which your pickup address is located. It is in fact impossible to predict the exact position of taxis at any given time. As soon as a taxi driver accepts a hiring, he has to switch on his meter, which will continue running until the end of your journey.

Is it normal for the driver to add extra charges for passengers and/or luggage?

The tariff allows for an extra charge of three euros per additional passenger from the fifth passenger upwards, regardless of the passenger's age.  There is no longer an extra charge for luggage.

Aren't drivers supposed to wait for their passengers? (no-show confirmed five minutes after the appointment time at the pickup address)

When a taxi is booked in the absence of the passenger the regulations provide that the taxi may leave without waiting if it is impossible to park, or if the passenger has not paid the driver the amount showing on the meter plus a deposit corresponding to an hour's wait.

Moreover, it happens all too often that customers who have booked a taxi change their mind without cancelling their booking, or hail a taxi in the street without waiting for the one that was assigned to them. This is known as a "no-show".

We therefore advise you to meet your taxi at the latest five minutes after the agreed time.

Is the driver allowed to refuse to make a detour to drop us off in different places?

When a taxi driver is transporting passengers, he is obliged to stop his taxi en route should his customers ask him to do so in order to drop some passengers off or so that other people may board the taxi.

Can the driver refuse to accept four passengers in his taxi?

Taxi drivers have to accept up to four passengers. More specifically, a driver is not allowed to refuse a group if the vehicle registration document permits him to transport that number of passengers, unless the corresponding seats have been removed from the vehicle. A group of more than four passengers will incur an extra charge per additional adult.

Can I ask the driver to take my preferred route?

Yes. Taxi drivers have to drive passengers to their destination via the route they consider the shortest, unless the passengers indicate another route. In this case, the taxi driver must comply with the passenger's wishes.

A taxi driver did not stop when I hailed him. Is that normal?

To know if a taxi is vacant just look at the light: if it is glowing white or green, the taxi is free. If it is off or is glowing red, the taxi is busy. If the taxi you hail actually is vacant, the driver is required to stop, unless:

  • he is within 50 metres of a taxi rank. In which case, he has to head to the taxi rank and join the end of the queue.
  • at a station or airport, he is outside of the designated pickup areas.

Can a vacant taxi refuse to take me to my destination?

Taxi drivers are not allowed to refuse passengers unless they want to be driven beyond the limits of the departments of Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne (excepting to Orly or Roissy airport).
At the Roissy CDG airport taxi rank, drivers are obliged to accept passengers whatever their requested destination.

Should the driver turn down the volume on his radio if I ask him?

The taxi driver must comply with your wishes with regards to turning on the radio and adjusting the volume

Have you found my lost item in a taxi?

If you booked your taxi online on, via the app or by phone, your invoice includes details which identify the driver (registration number, four-digit radio code).

We suggest you contact our Customer Care Centre on +33(0)1 41 27 55 63 24, available round the clock, seven days a week.

If this was not the case, we advise you to contact the lost property department of the police headquarters on +33 (0)821 00 25 25 where Parisian taxi drivers must drop off any lost property found on board their vehicle within 48 hours.

How can I apply for a job at G7?

You can consult the list of job vacancies or send an open application by going to the "Careers" section of our website.

Can your taxis accommodate groups and families with children?

You can book a taxi to accommodate up to seven people. Simply opt for a G7 Van, specifying the number of passengers.

If you are travelling with children, choose the "Baby seat and booster seats" option. We suggest you specify the number of children or babies who will be accompanying you at the time of booking.

Baby seats are suitable for toddlers up to 3 years, and booster seats are certified "Group 2-3", for children weighing between 15 and 36 kg. These booster seats can only be used on the back seat.

Can your taxis accommodate people with disabilities?

Since 2004 G7 has been committed to enabling everybody to travel by taxi, including people with disabilities. This service called G7 Access offers all passengers with disabilities 5,000 low-floor, affiliated vehicles.

Moreover, we currently work with 120 vehicles specially equipped with access ramps. This exclusive service is available round the clock, seven days a week, on +33 (0)1 47 39 00 91 for any address in the Ile-de-France region.

Do you have any green vehicles?

In 2007 G7 launched a fleet of environmentally friendly taxis, consisting of hybrid and electric vehicles. This fleet numbers 2,500 vehicles which can easily be recognized by their signs on a green background.

Third-party payment

You can order a medical taxi if you have a prescription for medical transportation and a current certificate of entitlement issued no more than six months previously. Depending on your situation, you may be able to benefit from third-party payment. Nearly 1,000 G7-affiliated taxis are authorised to perform these medical transport trips.  In order to take advantage of this service, it is imperative that you choose a "Third-party payment" taxi at the time of booking.

Is it possible to ask for a receipt?

If your journey cost less than € 25 you will need to ask your driver specifically for a receipt. Otherwise, he should give you a receipt automatically. We cannot issue you with a receipt later on.

Can I ask the driver to transport bulky items?

Taxi drivers are free to refuse any luggage that cannot be carried by hand. Drivers are not permitted to accept in their vehicle any kind of luggage or package liable to soil or damage the carpets or seats or leave an unpleasant odour.

However, if the driver accepts a piece of luggage, he is then required to transport it to the passenger's destination.
In any case, the driver is not required to assist passengers with loading or unloading bulky items.

For safety reasons, we advise to notify us at the time of booking, or seek advice from our Customer Care Centre  where our advisors will be able to confirm whether or not your booking is "acceptable" and send you, if your booking is indeed accepted, an estate car or a minivan to suit your needs.

Do the drivers accept animals?

If you booked your taxi via the G7 radio hub and you mentioned the presence of your pet to the telephone advisor who handled your request, you will have been assigned a taxi that accepts pets. The driver will have been notified of your request and will accept you in his vehicle along with your pet.

The regulations do allow taxi drivers to refuse pets, with the exception of registered service animals (e.g. guide dogs).

Can the driver refuse payment by credit card?

All G7 drivers are equipped with debit/credit card terminals and must accept this method of payment, whatever the cost of your journey.

Can the driver refuse payment by cheque?

If you did not state at the time of booking that you wanted to pay for your journey by bank cheque, or if you hailed the taxi in the street, the driver is free to refuse so long as he is displaying a sign visible from outside the taxi indicating that he does not accept cheques.
Therefore, if you absolutely want to pay by cheque, we advise you to notify our telephone advisor of this fact at the time of booking. G7 can then send you a taxi that accepts cheques.

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