G7 Service

G7 means shorter waiting times thanks to our 9,000 taxis, as well as more reliable and faster journey times thanks to bus lanes and card payments.

G7 Service
Prompt & efficient

  1.  Efficiency
    Book a taxi through the G7 app, on G7.fr or by phone at +33 1 41 26 66 99.
    Our G7 fleet includes more than 9,000 taxis throughout Paris' region, offering you a timely service with an arrival time of under 5 minutes.
  2. Reliability
    Our G7 drivers are trained to provide you a high-quality service; they have excellent knowledge of Paris roads to optimise your journeys. Only taxis can use the bus lanes, giving you reliable and shorter journey times.
  3. Flexibility

    To meet your needs, we offer various payment methods:  you can make in-app payments, register your debit/credit card on G7, or pay onboard to your driver. 100% of our taxis are equipped with credit card terminals for you to pay by card.

Le service G7

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