Our commitments


Sustainable development: G7 Green

G7 is single-mindedly committed to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

  • Created in 2007 G7, became the first taxi booking system to allow clients to travel in environmentally friendly vehicles. These hybrid or electric vehicles today represent 55% of the fleet: from the Toyota Camry to the Tesla Model S. 

  • G7 Green option costs 1€. By paying 1€, you contribute to the development of the electric taxi fleet.

  • Moreover, coinciding with COP 21, G7 is working for the improvement of the climate by adopting targets to reduce C02 emissions, with the support of the French Ministry of Ecology.

  • Companies have the GreenCab option to reduce their carbon footprint. A recent survey by Opinion Way for G7 reveals that almost 90% of clients preferred this option.

G7 Green taxi rides, it’s a tree planted for Paris  

  • G7 Green, in partnership with Reforest'Action, a specialist in reforestation in France and around the world, is committed to improving the living conditions of the people of Ile-de-France. All your 10 G7 Green rides booked with the G7 application, we plant a tree in Paris.

Accessibility for all: G7 Access

  • To allow for more autonomous and independent mobility, G7 has been, since 2004, the only taxi booking centre to offer a dedicated Disability Access service, called G7 Access. G7 has spent over one million euros over the last 8 years to encourage 200 drivers to equip their vehicles with ramps.

  • This service allows P.M.R. (people of reduced mobility) to benefit from a reliable transportation system, safe and suitable, available on demand as a reservation through a specific telephone number and supported by dedicated call centre.
  • Access G7 drivers receive specific practical training provided by the staff of the Garches hospital to ensure appropriate care to all forms of disability.

  • G7 was honoured in 2012 by the IPCC good practice guidance and good practice in accessibility of the City (of Paris), by the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing, for its involvement in the aid of PMR (people of reduced mobility).

Customer Service
24 / 7 

G7 will help and advise you, giving support at all times. All company stakeholders are fully involved in this policy of quality  

  • Members of staff from the Customer Relationship Centre will after an initial 3 months training regularly undertake refresher courses and further training to develop their skills and sense of service.

  • Customer service is always alert to your comments and suggestions and follows up rigorously the quality of the services provided.

  • The select driver relations service, instructs and monitors standards of affiliated taxi drivers.

  • Our team is focused on the continuous improvement of service and technological innovation.

  • Drivers, whilst independent, are fully committed the company's standards policy.


to Standards​​​​​​​

Certified ISO 9001, G7 offers the assurance of a structured organisation, effective and resolutely geared towards:

  • Customer satisfaction
    Obtaining the ISO 9002 label in 1999 rewarded the company for its ongoing efforts to improve quality. G7 has been ISO 9001 certified since January 2004.

  • A Deliberate Approach

  • The G7 standards initiative has three objectives:  
    •  Improve services to its customers    
    • Optimise its internal organisation  
    • Master innovation and developmental projects


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