G7 Green

With G7 Green, sustainable mobility is accessible to all.
G7 Green is 2,500 hybrid and electric taxis, making us the largest fleet of ecological taxis in Europe!

Your G7 Green Advantages

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint
    CO2 emissions are considerably decreased by using a hybrid or electric vehicle. For subscribers, we have developed “Preference G7 Green”: we’ll allocate you a G7 Green in priority.

  2. Profit from a wide range of Green vehicles.
    With more than 3,000 G7 Green, we can offer different ranges of hybrid or electrical vehicles, like the Toyota Prius, the hybrid Mercedes E-Class, the Tesla Model S, etc...

  3. Travel for only 1€ more
    G7 Green option costs 1€. By paying 1€ you contribute to the development of the electric taxi fleet. 

G7 Green in numbers is ...

  • Over than 3000 vehicles, that means more than 30% of the G7 fleet

  • 25% less CO2 emissions per year

  • 3 million journeys in 2015

  • 135 companies and groups have chosen the Preference G7 Green, including 7 companies in the  CAC40


How do I book a G7 Green?

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Book directly

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