G7 Access

Since 2004, G7 has been the pioneer in the sector for its service dedicated to people with reduced mobility, called G7 Access.

The 1st fleet committed to mobility for all

​​​​​​​Adapted vehicles

A dedicated service for people with disabilities

Launched in 2004, the G7 Access fleet now includes more than 500 vehicles adapted for non-folding wheelchairs, van type, equipped with an access ramp. This dedicated service allows people with disabilities to benefit from a reliable, safe and adapted transport solution, both on immediate demand and in advance. G7 Access drivers receive specific practical training from Garches hospital staff to ensure that PRM passengers are properly taken care of.

Trained and attentive drivers

Mobility for all

In addition to the G7 Access fleet, more than 2,000 low-floor estate vehicles are also able to accommodate people with reduced mobility who are transferable or do not require a ramp.
Guide dogs for the blind or disabled are accepted in all taxis.
G7 drivers are aware of the different forms of disability and the appropriate modes of care.

Ordering modes for everyone

Adapted ordering methods

Our G7 Access fleet is available on immediate request or by reservation on our G7 Taxi application, on our website g7.fr and also via a dedicated call number +331. with selected teleconsultants.
When you place your first order, we create your confidential customer profile which includes the specific details required for your pick-up. We also give you a reference number to call back when you order.

G7 Access+, a dedicated solution to facilitate the employment of people with disabilities

G7 Access+ is a complete solution dedicated to employees and self-employed people with disabilities, to facilitate business and home-to-work travel.

Relying on the diversity and quality of the G7 fleet (vehicles with access ramps, low-floor station wagons, etc.), G7 Access + supports the Disability Missions of companies and public organizations to facilitate the retention of disabled people in employment.

Quick and easy to set up (possible in 48 hours)

Flexible and non-binding solution

Available in Ile-de-France and region

Priority access to all G7 fleets

Possible invoicing of trips, monthly reporting

Des véhicules adaptés

Charlotte Fairbank, the G7 Access Ambassador

In March 2022, G7 entered into a partnership with Charlotte Fairbank, a French wheelchair tennis champion ranked among the top 30 players in the world.
As a G7 Access Ambassador, Charlotte Fairbank plays a key role in helping G7 achieve its ambitions to develop the service dedicated to transporting people with reduced mobility, up to 300 vehicles equipped with access ramps for the 2024 Games. She is involved in working groups with G7 teams and drivers to improve the G7 Access service, and is helping to raise awareness among public authorities of the specificities of PRM transport, which requires more facilities from local authorities.

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