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G7: No. 1 for taxis in France and in Europe

  • G7’s Partner Network is the country’s leading taxi provider, and now covers over 180 towns and cities in France thanks to its partnership with 125 taxi groups and 4,500 taxis spread across the entire country (outside Paris).

  • Our network of partners also covers major international capital cities with over 17,000 taxis.

  • Our partners are chosen from the very best local taxi groups and sign a joint quality charter committing them to providing a warm welcome and the highest quality of service to our members and private customers.

  • In exchange, G7 network partners benefit from our reputation for quality, our expertise and the turnover generated when our members make trips outside Paris.  

Our commitments 

A partnership must be equally beneficial to both sides be built for the long-term and based on mutual trust.

  • We allow you to increase your business and turnover by sending you bookings for our members and private customers.

  • We are loyal to our partners with whom we have been working together for many years.

  • We maintain and respect the identity of each partner group and guarantee exclusivity for the majority of zones covered.

  • We are committed to sending you all of the communication tools you require.

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By joining our national network, your group will benefit from accelerators that help you gain notoriety and increase the number of taxi journeys:

  • The strength of a brand image and national reputation.

  • An injection of additional customers.

  • The synergies of a national network of partners.

  • Journeys sent automatically for added efficiency, and booking tools for your local clientele, if required.

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