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G7 met en scène son service haut de gamme à travers sa nouvelle campagne « La ville est belle » 08/04/2022
Charlotte Fairbank, championne française de tennis-fauteuil, devient Ambassadrice de G7 Access 31/03/2022
G7 becomes the first company to offer contactless payment by credit card for amounts over €50 in France 11/02/2022
G7 strengthens its commitment to access to mobility for people with disabilities 02/12/2021
Nouvelle campagne G7 Green en gares pendant les vacances de la Toussaint 25/10/2021
G7 consolide sa position de première flotte Green d’Europe 13/10/2021
G7 wins the French Pet Friendly Award in the transport category 04/10/2021
G7 Vélo, un nouveau service pour améliorer la multimodalité des transports parisiens 12/07/2021
G7 launches "The Sound of the City", unique music playlists created in partnership with Radio Nova 18/06/2021
G7 supports the world of culture and announces a partnership with the Saint-Denis Festival 10/06/2021

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